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When is the best time of year to transplant periennels?

I have hosta and day lilies to thin out. Is is safe to do it now? I live in New York state .Average temp now is about 70 in the daytime and about 55 at night.

When is the best time of year to transplant periennels?
Both hostas and daylilies are very hardy and can actually be transplanted at any time. Most important to remember about translplanting anything is water loss. Water the plants well the day before so they can absorb alot of moisture. When I plant, I always place the plant into the new hole and fill the hole up with water. Let it drain and then fill it in. Beaware that if you do not do this and the soil is very dry, the soil will actually pull moisture out of the roots and dry out the plant. It is very hard to reach the roots if you just top water after transplanting. You can take a knife and slice the hosta crown into many pieces, as long as there is a piece of root, the plant will come back next year.
Reply:fall or spring is the time of transplanting.
Reply:As far as daylilies (my favorite, over 50 hybrid variety%26#039;s in my gardens) the fall is good but it can not be too late. Labor day is the dead line here in NH as you need the time to have the plant get established before the winter arrives. Yes, I will be busy this weekend dividing plants. :) Not as sure about hosta but I would also do mine in the fall.
Reply:i think the fall is the best time to do planting, I live in zone 5 detroit, probably similar to your weather...the fall gives the plants some time to establish their roots, than take a nice long nap during winter, and come back strong in the spring
Reply:in the fall like say in acouple of weeks.................
Reply:Spring and fall are good times. You could do it now.
Reply:The Pansy Lady gave you a great answer. Couldn%26#039;t have said it better myself. Day lillies and Hostas are very hardy and now is a great time, but with other Perennials I would be more comfortable doing it in the Spring.

Master Gardener MSU Extension
Reply:The panseylady is right. Both hosta and day lilies can be transplanted now, but don%26#039;t wait too much longer. A good rule of thumb for transplanting is if it blooms in the spring transplant in the fall, and if it blooms in the fall, transplant in the spring. Good luck
Reply:It depends on whether the perrennial is a spring or summer bloomer. Hostas and daylillies both bloom in summer so they should be transplanted in the fall(now is good).
Reply:I think spring is the best time, they%26#039;ll get a kick start then as the ground is warming.
Reply:In the Spring, here. To hold over the Winter plant inpots now. Bury pots in your garden soil up to their rims. Bury preferably where they will ger undisturbed snowfall. Thsi method will allow the plants to rest over thw winter. They will sprout in the Spring just as if they were already planted. Wait until plants are about 2 to 3 inches high before transplanting in the garden. I do this every year here in Alaska and have had very few failure. Excuse the typos.Be sure only the rim oa the pot is exposed to the weather. I do this by digging a trench, setting the pots in it and filling around them with soil.

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Who else thought that the 19 years later chapter in the new harry potter book was cool?


I found it cool because Harry Married Ginny and had three kids named: James, Lily and Albus Severus. Ron and Hermione get married and have 2 kids named Hugo and Rose. The son of Remus Lupin and Tonks, Teddy goes to Hogwarts, Nevlille ends up teaching Herbology, and over all a happy i the only one who thought that was cool and can anyone else not wait for this book to be a movie?

Who else thought that the 19 years later chapter in the new harry potter book was cool?
My kids. I would rather Harry die a heroic death, but for my kids%26#039; sake, it%26#039;s good JKR put that in.
Reply:nope I can%26#039;t wait 2008 we get last two movies 30days apart from each other. As forthe last chapter the only thing that did not make since was the 19 years later because Teddy should have finished his schooling at this time.
Reply:It was cool, but I didn%26#039;t understand who%26#039;s kids belonged to who!
Reply:I thought it was a wonderful way to wrap everything up. I know that I was thinking before the book came out that I would want another one after this one, but by adding that one extra chapter I was ok that it was all over because it felt finished.
Reply:I%26#039;m glad Rowling put that in as well. Otherwise her poor readers would be too full of questions and wanting more. Of course there are still unanswered questions, but at least she gave her readers some note of the future so they know what ends up happening to them after the drama. I was surprised though that the teenage sweethearts all ended up marrying.
Reply:Yes. I loved it. I understand it isn%26#039;t exactly as detailed as fans wanted, but it%26#039;s a great piece of writing to wrap up the tale. I loved the fact that Albus kept thinking he was going to be in Slytherin and Harry pulled him aside to talk to him.

And what%26#039;s wrong with the name Albus Severus Potter? I like it.

I was really hoping to see if Albus made it to Gryffindor, but I guess I%26#039;ll never know for sure.

And I was really happy about the couples. We%26#039;ve known that Ron and Hermione would end up together since the clues JK Rowling gave us in book 3. And it was obvious by book 4.

Ginny and Harry are meant to be.
Reply:that book was gnarly.

gosh i cant wait for the movie!
Reply:Yes me too! I hope the movie matches the book though. I like the nineteen years later chapter but thought that they lacked in details like who do you think Draco married? Lacks a lot. What happened to George Weasley, Luna and Dean did they end up together? See what I mean.
Reply:Harry finding love through Ginny and Ron and Hermione finally hooking up was indeed cool.

But other than that, I thought the epilogue sucked. Since JKR fast forwarded the story 19 years, she should have at least put many more details in it.

So many of the characters I wonder about. And with 50 plus people dying at the battle at Hogwarts, who%26#039;s to say how many of the other beloved characters died.

And when this book is made into a movie, I hope it%26#039;s not messed up like the 5th movie was. Leaving out a lot of details from the book and making up others. How ridiculous!
Reply:I liked it too and i cant wait for the movie that will come 2010
Reply:It should have been more fully developed. What did Harry end up doing for a living? Did Professor Neville Longbottom marry Luna Lovegood? Who did Draco Malfoy marry? Is Draco Malfoy%26#039;s son, Scorpious, a horcrux?

Way too many loose ends in the last chapter!;s cool.but i dont think it%26#039;s enough who draco wife?did neville marry someone or wat?who hogwarts new headmaster?what apen to draco parents?dursley family?and tat crazy woman umbridge?is teddy also a warewolf or more like his mom?wat apen to luna?cho chang?

i keep on wondering all of tis...but yeah...its still cool tat harry and ginny together.

yeah i thought it was really interesting. and it%26#039;s cute how ginny and harry got married and had kids. but i%26#039;d hate to be albus severus. i mean, who%26#039;d want to be named albus severus.???... but i mostly miss fred... tear*
Reply:yes i loved this it was so great! i do wish we had more details but it was still awesome

speaking of loose ends, on monday jk rowling is having a live chat to answer our questions so search for my yahoo answers question about the chat for more details and i will put in whatever questions u have or u can do it urself.

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An 8 year old girl who is trained to be a killing machine. Thoughts?

I%26#039;m not good with psychology. This question is for a story I%26#039;m writing. Let%26#039;s say there%26#039;s this 8-yr old girl, who was raised in solitude, rarely goes into the outside world. She was raised to kill innnocent people just for pleasure. She has vast knowledge of hanguns and all that. Her name is Lily. She was raised buy this guy let%26#039;s call him the Master, who taught her to kill people. She loves him more than anything, since he%26#039;s the only person she knows.The Master doesn%26#039;t care about her and uses her as a tool. But when authorities take her away, she is sent to therapy.

How do you think she will turn out when she is separated from her caretaker? How will she be around other children? What would a therapist do? What will she become when she%26#039;s a teen?


Please note that this is for a work of fiction. I%26#039;m a writer. I%26#039;m not that great with psychology and when I try to look it up, I can%26#039;t find anything

Please help!!!

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An 8 year old girl who is trained to be a killing machine. Thoughts?
This kid is obviously gonna have some serious issues :)

You might think about different areas of development, like language (she will talk just like Master, since he%26#039;s the only voice she%26#039;s heard), physical growth (children with little stimulation tend to be smaller), mental capabilities (did he teach her to read, write, etc.?), response to unknown stimuli (for example, the sun, cars, a hairbrush).

When she gets separated from Master, she%26#039;s likely to become violent (as I%26#039;m sure you could have guessed). Interactions with other people will probably mainly consist of fighting, anger, hostility, unless Master is around and tells her to stop. Eventually, seeing Master would make her more hostile and aggressive. More than likely, a child like this would be medicated almost immediately, and would probably have to have doses of tranquilizers or anti-anxiety meds frequently (Ativan tends to be a common one to use with children).

She will probably isolate when around other children, or just people in general. She%26#039;ll pull away, not talk much, and when she does talk, it%26#039;ll be mean or hostile. The other kids won%26#039;t like her, and will either pick on her or run away out of fear. She won%26#039;t really be able to form strong attachments with anyone.

A therapist would, as I said, probably depend on a lot of medication to stablize her long enough for therapy. She would likely be isolative in the first sessions, until she was able to get accustomed to the therapist. This could take weeks, but more than likely, months. The therapist (who would almost have to be female) would probably engage Lily in play therapy, using dolls, art, and toys to get her to express her thoughts and feelings without words, especially if they were means for play in her isolated life. It%26#039;s unlikely Lily will be able to verbalize herself effectively, so those methods would be most useful.

As time went on and she was able to speak more clearly, the therapist would probably engage in social skills training, and well as empathy training, a series of trainings to teach her to relate well to others. Anger management would probably be in the works, also, as I%26#039;m sure she%26#039;d be a little hot under the collar.

If Lily is to succeed (and it%26#039;s likely she won%26#039;t) outside of jail and/ or a psychiatric hospital for any amount of time, she%26#039;s going to need a strong will, a consistent adoptive family and therapist who will confront her violence and not back down from her threats, a natural intelligence to help make up for the time she spent not learning, a good outlet for her violent tendencies (think punching bag, shooting ranges- maybe she becomes an avid hunter?), an ability for self-reflection, and LOTS of supervision. When she%26#039;s not able to act out her violent impulses on others, it%26#039;s likely she%26#039;ll do it to herself (self-mutilation) if not kept supervised.

Lily would likely end up with one (or all of) these diagnoses from age 8 to the teen years: Reactive Attachment Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, ADHD, not to mention the tendency toward depression, anxiety, or psychosis.

Of course, some of this would vary depending on her personality, but she%26#039;s probably not looking at much of a life in the outside world. More than likely, her actions are going to land her in jail or a psych hospital permanantly.

She%26#039;ll never be normal, but the goal for people like this is to function in a normal society without getting in trouble with the law or without putting their own life in danger.
Reply:Since she was only killing at the behest of her %26quot;master,%26quot; if he%26#039;s not around to give her the order to kill, I don%26#039;t believe that she would do it. She would generally be depressed due to the separation, and listless, not knowing what to do with her time, and how to do it.

I think she would be a lonely outsider, ignorant in the ways of how kids socially interact with each other. Probably, they would pick on her, because she was %26quot;weird%26quot; or %26quot;different.%26quot; If they threatened her physically, she might snap and use karate killing techniques on them.

A therapist would try to deal with her loneliness, and try to instill a new value system in her which didn%26#039;t include killing on command.

As a teen, she would be %26quot;troubled.%26quot; Her memories of killing would haunt her dreams; she would feel like an outsider. She%26#039;d either fall in with a %26quot;bad crowd%26quot; that would get her back into her old ways, or she might become withdrawn, sullen, non-communitive, and perhaps, homeless.
Reply:Lily would basically turn into a sociopath. With no prior experience in social activites my opinion is she would be selfish and violent, leading her to hurt other children with no remorse. My guess is therapists wouldn%26#039;t leave her around other children right away, however. To begin with, they would first attempt to curb some of her tendencies by focusing them into positive areas outside of violence. Lily would most likely react badly to this and may strike out even more, feeling that these therapists and other people have taken away the only person in her life she cared about. She would see them as the enemy and resent them, if not try to harm them.

I would also assume that as a teenager she would end up being a bit of a sadist, although not neccessarily a loner. She might actually even seek out other people as a means to vent her emotions through violence. She would continue to resent authority figures and my guess is she%26#039;d either learn to act during her therapy sessions or she would be removed from society to be placed in an insane asylum for the safety of others.

At the same time, this girl may begin to seek companionship from other people, and soon find that her personality is generally one that will only lead others to avoid her. She will undoubtably attempt to win over friends with humor, but chances are her humor will be sadistic and cruel, leading more people to fear or resent her. Eventually, she would probably come to resent society as a whole, making her even more likely to hurt people without remorse.

(This is mostly conjecture from a psychological standpoint, seeing as how I have never met a girl in this situation. However, I have met children who were removed from their parents and I have met children who have never learned social norms and activities.)

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What year did Hagrid start working for Hogwarts??

I%26#039;m writing a story and would like to know if Hagrid was working at Hogwarts whilst Lily and James were there.

PLEASE HELP!!! MWhahahaha

What year did Hagrid start working for Hogwarts??
Hagrids birthday is 6-12-28 and he started Hogwarts in 1940 and was expelled in 1943, shortly after which he was given the position of gamekeeper.

James Potter was born on 27th March 1960 and Lily on 30 January 1960 they died on 31 October 1981. They were at Hogwarts between 1971 and 1978.

So, yes...Hagrid would have been working at Hogwarts while they were students!
Reply:Thanks for asking the question and for BA! Good luck with your story! Report It

Reply:Circumstantially, yes.

He was at school at the same time as Tom Riddle. Tom was there prior to Dumbledore%26#039;s beginning as headmaster. Dumbledore was headmaster when Lily and James were in school. Only thing I can%26#039;t say for sure is lag time between Hagrid%26#039;s expulsion and Dumbledore hiring him.
Reply:Yes he was.

because in the 2nd book u find out he was expelled when Tom Riddle opened the chamber of secrets (voldemort as a teenager at Hogwarts) and Dumbledore gave him a job then

tom riddle was there way before Lily And James!!

good luck
Reply:well he always says he remembers them, erm i think he may have been a student there before them and then there was the incident he got blamed for and dumbledore knew it wasn%26#039;t him so hired him. so maybe.
Reply:I believe he started working there the year he was expelled which I believe was his third year....I dont know if they were attending though...try asking the book section.
Reply:I am almost certain that Hagrid began working at Hogwarts in 1950.
Reply:No. He was a classmate of Tom Riddle%26#039;s classmate, was several years ahead of the Potters.
Reply:yes he was. he was gamekeeper after he got kicked out of school


11 year old birthday party?

my friend is having a mall party and its going to be a scavenger hunt she is splitting us up into 2 groups 4 with kristen 37 4 with lily 13 would the thirteen ear old be okay? if not should her dad or dads girlfreind come?

11 year old birthday party?
Yeah i think 13 might be a little to young. But maybe not if she only has 4 kids. How old are all the kids? If their like 11 yeah a 13 year old should be able to do it. (by the way thanks for choosing me as your best answer your dog walker question!)
Reply:I would definitely have another adult ,lot of kooks out there
Reply:Oh definetly get another adult that is scary to even think about
Reply:13 is too young to be responsible for other children.
Reply:I say not old enough
Reply:invite every one its a party , i am expecting my invitation in the post u know
Reply:well she would if the kids behaved cause i am 13

and i make sure the kids behave first before i do anything
Reply:Have an adult with the 13 year old. I wouldn%26#039;t like to be left alone with younger children and i%26#039;m almost 13.

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Present ideas for a 16 year old?

My sister is turning 16 in two weeks,and I havent got a clue what to get her!She%26#039;s really into dogs and has a 14 month old maltipoo called Lily.I was gonna get something for Lily,I talked to my mom about it and her responce was%26quot;that dog is spoilt rotten and has had enough money spent on it%26quot;.So i%26#039;m completely clueless on what to get her.

Any ideas???

Present ideas for a 16 year old?
take a picture of her a lily, a cute one. Then develop the film or whatever put it in a cute frame with fake lilies glued to the frame.
Reply:Find out where she likes to shop and get her a giftcard there.
Reply:um, clothes? jewellery? something she likes, dvds, books, etc.

or why don%26#039;t you just ask her? if you%26#039;re totally clueless, I mean she won%26#039;t like it less because it itsn%26#039;t a surprise...
Reply:take her to get her pictures made with her doggie, hve them bring a ton of dress up clothes for her and the dog and have fun, it will be something that she will remember. Scrapbook her favorite picture, or frame it for her. She will love it!
Reply:Maybe get her a gift card to a store where she can buy whatever game she wants, or get a gift receipt so she can return what you pick out.

If she has an iPod, maybe you could get her one of those cards where she can add more songs to it.

Are there any accessories she could use for her Nintendo?
Reply:what is she into a little more info would help but maybe like clothes, chocalate, or maybe a picture of her and her dog as a moment to remember..............
Reply:gift card to get a mani/pedi

gift card to a restaurante

gift card to the mall

american express/visa gift card so she can use it anywhere

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12 year old girl + dance party- dance= ???? ( dont know how to dance) help!?

im 12 yrs old n a gal (aka that means girl!!!)..... and i have a dance party coming up at skool

but i dont know how to dance at all!!!!

i dont want 2 look stupid cuz im the person who is really hyper

do u get it?

and i dont want to dance with a boy

just like with my friends or alone

soooo wat are some dance moves i can practice??????????????????? (like remeber lily and miley in hannah montana dancing together instead of jake)

12 year old girl + dance party- dance= ???? ( dont know how to dance) help!?
ummm, go on and search for dance lessons on there like soulja boy tellem for superman and spiderman, there%26#039;s other songs you can search too, I hope you do ok, i don%26#039;t know how to dance either, i just stand with my friends in a big circle and i just do what they do, even though i might look stupid, i don%26#039;t care cuz i%26#039;m having fun, i don%26#039;t care what people think of me..

I%26#039;m 14 and trust me, you dance a MILLION times better than me.

If you don%26#039;t want to look like an idiot just move your feet from side to side and kind of sway while listening to the music.

You%26#039;ll just look like you%26#039;re not bothered, which is better than lookinig like you don%26#039;t know how to dance.
Reply:just jump up and down cause thats what ppl basically do.

good luck
Reply:Just do what every1 else is doin. little booty shake etc! have fun and don%26#039;t be embarrassed of dancing with boys, slow dancing is easy!
Reply:I know what u mean, you%26#039;ll just have 2 do what ever comes 2 u when ur out there that%26#039;s what i did. and now i know how 2 dance,
Reply:dont worry just try to move ur feet to the beat and just have fun i cant dance and i have school dances all the time =]